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Application method of carbon steel sheet

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Why do metal manufacturers add carbon to iron? What is the reason why carbon steel sheet is widely used in manufacturing? What qualities does carbon steel sheet have that other metals do not have? What role does low carbon steel sheet play in the construction industry?

l What are the characteristics of carbon steel sheet?

l What are the advantages of low carbon steel sheet?

l What is the architectural use of carbon steel sheet?

What are the characteristics of carbon steel sheet?

1. The more carbon in the steel, the harder it will be after heat treatment. But it's also less ductile, which means it loses strength and isn't as malleable as it deforms. Whether heat treated or not, higher carbon content in steel makes the metal less weldable, with higher carbon content lowering the melting point.

2. carbon steel is usually just an alloy steel with 0.12% to 2% carbon

3. Steel is also classified as carbon steel, tungsten, vanadium, zirconium or any other alloy when there is no official minimum content of key substances such as chromium, cobalt, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, titanium, etc.

4. carbon steel can also be any steel with a minimum copper content of less than 0.4%

5. It is also defined as steel with a maximum content of 1.65% manganese or 0.6% copper

6. The term can even be used for any steel that is not stainless, including alloy steels

What are the advantages of low carbon steel sheet?

1. low carbon steel sheet is strong but not easy to temper. It's the most popular type we sell, with relatively low prices and lots of applications. It is ductile and ductile, has relatively low tensile strength, and can be carburize by a heat treatment process to increase the hardness of the metal surface. It is easier to cold form and handle than other grades.

2. High carbon steel is happy under heat treatment. But they don't like trace impurities, which can greatly affect the quality of the metal. Sulfur is the biggest culprit, making steel brittle and brittle while working.

What is the architectural use of carbon steel sheet?

The number of architectural uses for various carbon steels is virtually limitless, and the modern world as we know it would not be possible without this alloy. low carbon steel sheet is the metal of choice for framing in commercial, government and residential buildings. Bridges, steel pipes, and many auto parts are also made from low carbon steel sheet. Smaller products made from low carbon steel sheet include nails, wire, pipes and chains. High carbon steels have higher durability and are commonly used in cutting tools, springs, coils, wrenches, hammers, and other types of tools and equipment used in the construction process.

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