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  In 2011, the predecessor of Shandong Hongqi Group was born from a simple steel agent. Adhering to the integrity of business, win-win cooperation business purposes. From a small agent, Over the past 10 years, Hongqi has gradually grown into a comprehensive manufacture group involved in advertising, catering, second-hand car trading, media, building materials, steel production and other fields. For more than ten years, Hongqi has gradually tried to set foot in different business fields. What has changed is the product management, but what has not changed is the consistent management philosophy and purpose of Hongqi. 


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 Giant Steel In Roofing Sheet 
     Roofing sheet is made of color coating steel plate, galvanized sheet and other sheet metal after rolling cold bending into various wave type pressure plate, it is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure roofing, wall and external decoration of the house, etc. With qualitative light, high strength, colour and lustre is rich, convenient construction, earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof, long life and free maintenance etc, has been widely applied.PPGI is attractive replacement of wood and other materials, because they have to prevent fade, weather resistance, resistance to pulverization, etc. They make building maintenance costs to a minimum level, at the same time, various colors, surface structure and coating, make it has great flexibility and can be selected.
Giant steel
In buliding construction
     A variety of our products can be used in the construction industry, such as GI coil. Galvanized coil use galvanized steel for coating on steel substrate, in addition to the protection of the front, fresh organic coating on the layer of the complex Meng Na awayEffect, can prevent the steel rust, longer service life than galvanized steel sheet, according to the service life of the coating on the steel plate to 50% longer than galvanized steel. Galvanized coil with light weight, beautiful and good anti-corrosion performance, and can be directly processed, it to construction, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, furniture industry, electrical industry provides a new type of raw materials, such as the steel for wood, such as efficient construction, save energy and prevent pollution.
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