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Company History

  • In 2011, the predecessor of Shandong Hongqi Group was born from a simple steel agent. Adhering to the integrity of business, win-win cooperation business purposes. From a small agent, Over the past 10 years, Hongqi has gradually grown into a comprehensive manufacture group involved in advertising, catering, second-hand car trading, media, building materials, steel production and other fields. For more than ten years, Hongqi has gradually tried to set foot in different business fields. What has changed is the product management, but what has not changed is the consistent management philosophy and purpose of Hongqi. Honesty is always the first idea of the enterprise. Long-term cooperation with customers to achieve a win-win situation with customers is the secret of Hongqi people's rapid growth and continuous success in these years. This year, based on the existing steel plant and part of the steel business, Hongqi integrated its own resources and established a core subsidiary, Shandong Hongqi Materials Co., LTD., which is specially responsible for expanding the steel export business. Hongqi materials is a steel manufacture company integrating process and trade, its own factory mainly produces conventional products such as profiles, plates and pipes, hongqi company has always paid attention to the horizontal and vertical union and resource integration, in line with the win-win, win-win concept and a number of steel mills to form a relationship of mutual resources, close combination.

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