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Application method of galvanized steel coil

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galvanized steel coil is ubiquitous and plays an important role in our daily life. What are the main uses of galvanized steel in coil? How is Gi steel coil made?

l What is the production process of galvanized steel coil?

l What are the benefits of galvanized steel coil?

l What is the purpose of galvanized steel coil?

What is the production process of galvanized steel coil?

1. Cleaning: Steel metal is cleaned before going through any other process. Cleaning is carried out in a degreasing solution. After cleaning, it still must be flushed to remove the solution.

2. Pickling: Pickling by immersing clean steel in a sulfuric acid solution.

3. Fluxing: The metal is then dipped into an aqueous solution for fluxing. In most cases, the solution is zinc ammonium chloride.

4. Galvanizing: Steel is galvanized by dipping it in molten zinc.

5. Inspection: The final stage requires inspection of the galvanized steel for consistency.

What are the benefits of galvanized steel coil?

1. Cheaper: galvanized steel costs less than most treated steels. In addition, galvanized steel is ready for immediate use upon delivery. It does not require additional surface preparation, inspection, painting/coating, etc., resulting in additional cost savings for the company.

2. Longer service life: When galvanized, some commercial steels are expected to last 50 years in an average environment and 20+ years with heavy exposure to water and other harsh elements. No regular steel maintenance is required. The great durability of the finished steel product also increases the reliability of the product.

3. Sacrificial anodes: Make sure the surrounding zinc coating protects any damaged steel. It doesn't matter if the steel part is fully exposed; the zinc material will still corrode first. The coating will corrode the steel first, thus providing sacrificial protection to the damaged part of the steel.

4. Rust resistance: The iron element in steel is extremely rust-resistant, but the addition of zinc acts as a protective buffer or layer between the steel and any moisture or oxygen. galvanized steel is extremely protective, including sharp corners and grooves that other coatings cannot protect against damage.

What is the purpose of galvanized steel coil?

1. The rust resistance of galvanized steel coil is also an honest marketing tool in the competitive automotive industry, as it provides car buyers with a "rust protection guarantee".

2. Building and Construction Industry Whether residential or commercial, the robustness of galvanized steel coil has made it popular in the residential and construction industry for over a century. It was also chosen for architecture because of its beauty.

3. The "gloss" provided by the galvanized steel coil gives it an up-to-date feel and is popular in modern architectural designs. Furthermore, it is not only used for huge structural pieces, but also for fences, gutters, rails, pipes, poles, etc.

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