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How to produce 201 stainless steel sheet?

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As a common universal metal, 201 stainless steel sheet can be seen everywhere in our life and manufacturing industry. What are the characteristics of 201 stainless steel plate? What is the production process of 201 ss sheet?


l What is 201 stainless steel sheet?

l How to produce 201 stainless steel sheet?

l What are the characteristics of 201 stainless steel plate?


What is 201 stainless steel sheet?

201 stainless steel plate is a kind of low nickel stainless steel plate. In addition, it is a high strength hardened austenitic stainless steel. At the same time, its chromium content is 16%-18%, nickel content is 3.5%-5.5%. Because the price of nickel is relatively high, in order to save a nickel, people made 201 ss plate. Therefore, it is characterized by a low nickel content. Moreover, it cannot be hardened by heat treatment. However, it can be cold processed into plates with high tensile strength. And, in some cases, it can replace other alloys with higher nickel content.


How to produce 201 stainless steel sheet?

1. First, chromite can be extracted from underground mines. Chromite powder is then crushed to produce chromite concentrate. In addition, chromite concentrate can be smelted with iron ore, manganese, nickel and other raw materials. After melting, they are made into slabs. The slab is then put on the hot mill. At this point, the mill thinness the stainless steel and cools it with water. Next, the slab is transferred to a cold mill. At this point, black scales cover it. Finally, the oxide skin is removed through a return and pickling process.

2. In this way, stainless steel plates were made. However, before delivery, people must check the quality and durability of the stainless steel plate and other parameters of the specifications. These include thermal stability, dimensional accuracy, durability, corrosion resistance, etc.


What are the characteristics of 201 stainless steel plate?

1. People use 201 stainless steel plates to achieve most shapes. But people will work hard. Therefore, 201 stainless steel plate can not achieve the most stringent farming operations. However, this can be done if one anneals it before forming it. Compared with type 301, 201 stainless steel has similar bending, forming and tensile properties.

2. One can weld a 201 stainless steel plate to steel with 18% chromium and 8% nickel using all conventional methods. In addition, traditional chrome-nickel filler metal can be used. But the carbon content of 201 stainless steel plate cannot be controlled below 0.03%. Therefore, like other austenitic stainless steels, type 201 is prone to inter-granular corrosion in the heat affected zone of the weld.

3. Type 201 stainless steel is non-magnetic in the return state. However, magnetic properties can develop after cold processing.


201 stainless steel sheet is relatively inexpensive and has good corrosion resistance. 201 stainless steel plate demand is also increasing. But the market of 201 stainless steel plate quality and price is uneven. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality stainless steel sheet at a reasonable price , the Shandong Hongqi Material Co., Ltd. is a very good choice.

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