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What are the characteristics of stainless steel coil

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stainless steel coil is often seen in our daily life, but most people do not fully understand this product information. What are the characteristics of ss coil? What are the application industries of stainless steel coil?

l What are the features of stainless steel rolls?

l What is the application of stainless steel coil?

l How is the market trend of stainless steel coil?

What are the features of stainless steel rolls?

1. Cutting force, high cutting temperature: stainless steel coil high strength, tangential stress, plastic deformation when cutting, so the cutting force. In addition, the poor thermal conductivity of the material causes the cutting temperature to rise, and the high temperature tends to be concentrated in narrow areas near the cutting edge of the tool, thus accelerating tool wear.

2. Serious work hardening: stainless steel coil and some high temperature alloy stainless steel in the cutting process has a very high work hardening tendency. The output of stainless steel coil processing plant is usually several times that of ordinary carbon steel. Cutting tool cuts into work hardening zone to shorten tool life.

3. Easy to stick knife: no matter what kind of stainless steel coil, in processing has the characteristics of tough chip, high cutting temperature. When the tough chip flows through the front cutter surface, the bonding and welding of the product will affect the surface roughness of the machined parts.

4. Accelerated tool wear: stainless steel coil generally contains high melting point elements, high plasticity and high cutting temperature, accelerated tool wear, frequent grinding and tool change, thus affecting production efficiency, stainless steel processing price, increase tool cost.

What is the application of stainless steel coil?

SS coil has many characteristics, because of this during the production process, there are polishing characteristics. Want a few products only, wait like water heater, drinking machine, do not need burnish. This function is required when using industrial equipment. Other such materials also have a certain corrosion resistance, can be used in kitchen appliances, water heaters, water dispensers, etc., many people have also taken anti-corrosion measures for this material. The material can be used in food equipment, chemical equipment and, of course, equipment in the atomic energy industry.

How is the market trend of stainless steel coil?

1. In the middle of March, with the rapid improvement of site and factory operating rate, steel demand gradually released, steel social inventory growth began to slow down, market supply and demand tension. Demand is improving. Cold rolled stainless steel customers after the Spring Festival orders, especially export orders, the basic digestion of the order before the Spring Festival. Affected by the low price of steel pipe, steel pipe customer inventory is generally high.

2. After the Spring Festival, the price of steel skyrocketed, the fear of heights of customers in the pipe factory intensified, and the enthusiasm for picking up goods was greatly reduced. Guardrail customers also face the situation of high inventory of raw materials and difficult to receive orders. March is the off-season of guardrail market. Coupled with the continuous upgrading of environmental protection, the production of guardrail customers are more frequent. For now, destocking is expected to continue to underperform. In the final analysis, due to the high proportion of terminal industry demand procurement, market speculative procurement accounted for a low proportion, destocking speed is not smooth. Considering that April is approaching and the winter storage resources are gradually completed, the circulation range of high-cost resources is expanded, and the downstream procurement costs may further increase.

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