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What are the types of carbon steel sheets

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You might be surprised to learn that there is not just one type of carbon steel sheet. What are the characteristics of low carbon steel sheet? How can I confirm that I need that kind of carbon steel plate?

l What are the characteristics of low carbon steel sheet?

l Uses of Different Types of carbon steel sheets

l How to choose carbon steel sheet?

What are the characteristics of low carbon steel sheet?

1. Mild steel sheet is the cheapest option in terms of value, but it is also easy to bend and form, which makes it ideal for a variety of uses (including sheet, screw, and concrete reinforcement). It is often found in kitchens in the form of cookware or cutlery (stainless steel is low carbon), but the low carbon content of this steel means that it is not suitable for case hardening (but it can withstand the dishwasher without raw rust).

2. While it's not the strongest steel in its natural state - think how easy it is to bend a stainless steel spoon by hand - other alloys can be added to increase or change its basic properties. This can include adding aluminium to improve wire drawing quality or increasing the manganese content of structural steel. In order to improve the strength of the low carbon steel sheet, the surface hardness can be improved by the carburizing process to make it more wear-resistant.

Uses of Different Types of carbon steel sheets

1. Mild steel sheet is often made into flat-rolled sheet and strip for use in shipbuilding, electrical wiring, car bodies, and home appliances. It is widely used in fabrication and paneling as it cannot be altered by heat treatment. Carbon steel with the lowest carbon content is called "wrought iron" and is used for fences, gates and railings and is hard but not brittle.

2. Medium carbon steel is easier to machine, and small additions of silicon and manganese can improve quality. Also known as mild steel, structurally commonly used in buildings and bridges, axles, gears, shafts, tracks, pipes and couplings, automobiles, refrigerators and washing machines.

3. High carbon steel has better tensile strength and is used to make cutting tools, inserts, punches, dies, springs and high-strength wire.

4. Ultra-high carbon steel is brittle and hard and cannot be cold worked. It is used to manufacture extremely hard components such as blades, cutting tools and large machine parts, hot water radiators, industrial castings and metal lamp posts. Also known as "cast iron", it is the material used to make old-fashioned pots.

How to choose carbon steel sheet?

When deciding which carbon steel sheet to use, it is important to become familiar with the different properties of each of the three types: low, medium and high. Depending on the purpose of the material, you will need to choose the type that best suits your needs, or can be best treated with additional alloys or heat to make it perfect. In any case, don't forget to give your carbon steel a good anti-corrosion coating - it can make a big difference in the life of the steel.

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