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What is the production process of carbon steel sheet?

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carbon steel plate is widely used in different industries. carbon steel sheets are also classified according to their uses and applications. How is carbon steel sheet made?

l What is carbon steel sheet?

l What are the advantages of carbon steel sheet?

l How to make carbon steel sheet?

What is carbon steel sheet?

1. carbon steel plates are generally considered to be steels that do not contain too many alloy steel elements. The usual elements are C, Mn, P, S, Si, in addition to Al, Cr, Ni, Mo, V and other elements have no minimum. Carbon plates come in different grades according to their carbon content and strength.

2. There are low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel plates. The higher the carbon content, the more durable and strong the plate. There are further subcategories based on thickness and use and formation process. Typically, carbon steel plates vary in thickness from 0.4 mm to 80 mm, in width from 1000 mm to 45,000 mm, and in length up to 18 meters. But the lengths are customizable, which helps customers fit them into a variety of applications. They can also be used to make cold-rolled steel coils.

What are the advantages of carbon steel sheet?

The choice of carbon plates has several advantages over conventional steel, one of which is increased strength. The use of carbon makes iron or steel stronger by moving it around its lattice. While carbon steel can still stress and break under pressure, this is less likely to happen than other types of steel. This makes carbon steel particularly effective in applications where strength is required. Today, sheet carbon steel is used to make everything from building materials to tools and car parts.

How to make carbon steel sheet?

1. Raw steel is made by mixing iron ore, coke (produced by heating coal in the absence of air) and lime in a blast furnace at around 1,650 °C. Molten iron from iron ore is rich in carbon from burning coke. The remaining impurities combine with lime to form slag, which floats on top of the molten metal and can be extracted.

2. The resulting molten steel contains about 4 wt.% carbon. That carbon is then reduced to the desired amount in a process called decarbonization. This is done by passing oxygen through the melt, which oxidizes the carbon in the steel, producing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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