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What should be considered before buying carbon steel sheet?

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carbon steel sheet products can be seen everywhere in life. What do we need to know before buying carbon steel sheet? What are the benefits of low carbon steel sheet?

l How to choose carbon steel sheet?

l What are the advantages of carbon steel sheet?

l Are carbon steel sheets defective?

How to choose carbon steel sheet?

1. Compared with other carbon steels, low carbon steels often lack tensile strength. These should be avoided if high intensity is required. Choosing a grade of carbon steel with a higher carbon content (such as C1045) provides greater strength and hardness than a low carbon grade such as C1008. However, the low-carbon alternative is high strength low alloy steel (HSLA), a type of mild steel specifically designed to have higher strength while maintaining formability.

2. Because carbon steel sheet is such a broad category, many different combinations of mechanical properties can be achieved. If ductility is required, low carbon grades such as C1008 and C1010 should be considered. If you need plates, consider using DQ or DQAK grades. According to experience, low carbon steel is easier to form than high carbon steel.

3. It is not common to choose carbon steel for its corrosion resistance. They consist mainly of oxidiz-able iron, forming rust. If not enough corrosion-resistant elements, such as chromium, are added to its chemical composition, nothing can stop iron from oxidizing. Choosing galvanized or electroplated carbon steel is a viable option to prevent corrosion. Alternatively, adding oil or paint to carbon steel is a good way to help prevent iron oxidation from occurring.

What are the advantages of carbon steel sheet?

Choosing carbon steel has several advantages over conventional steel, one of which is increased strength. The use of carbon makes iron or steel stronger by moving it around its lattice. While carbon steel can still stress and break under pressure, this is less likely to happen than other types of steel. This makes carbon steel particularly effective in applications where strength is required. Today, carbon steel is used to make everything from building materials to tools and car parts.

Are carbon steel sheets defective?

But choosing carbon steel over conventional steel also has some disadvantages. Because it is very strong, carbon steel is difficult to use. It cannot be easily bent and molded into different shapes, limiting its usefulness in some applications. carbon steel is also more prone to rust and corrosion than other types of steel. To make steel "stainless," manufacturers add chromium -- typically about 10 to 12 percent. Chromium acts as a protective barrier against the steel itself, thus protecting it from moisture that can cause rust. However, carbon steel does not contain chromium, so prolonged exposure to moisture can cause rust.

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