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Why is galvanized steel sheet popular

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The versatility of galvanized steel sheet ensures that it has a wide range of applications and there are many benefits to using gi steel sheet. What is the working principle and type of galvanized steel sheet?

l What is the definition of galvanized steel sheet?

l What are the types of galvanized steel sheet?

l What are the advantages of galvanized steel sheet?

What is the definition of galvanized steel sheet?

1. Galvanizing is a manufacturing process that involves coating steel with zinc to prevent it from rusting. Zinc coating acts to protect base metals. It does this by acting as a barrier against various corrosive elements. Therefore, it provides a sacrificial nature that can provide high quality and durable steel products.

2. Galvanized sheet metal is one of the most popular types of steel. This is due to its increased strength, extended durability and formability. Corrosion resistance makes its practicality significantly improved.

What are the types of galvanized steel sheet?

1. Hot dip galvanized steel sheet. The cold rolled steel plate is seeped into the molten zinc bath, and a layer of zinc is attached to the cold rolled steel plate. At this stage, the key is to use continuous hot dip galvanizing technology, that is, thick steel plate continuously immersed in molten galvanizing bath galvanized steel;

2. Fine grain reinforced galvanized steel sheet. These thick steel plates are made by hot dip method, but immediately after the tank is heated to 500℃, transformed into zinc iron aluminum alloy plastic film. This kind of galvanized sheet has excellent adhesion and weldability of architectural coating.

3. Electric galvanized steel plate. This kind of galvanized steel plate produced by electroplating has excellent technological performance. But the coating is thin, corrosion resistance is not as good as hot galvanized plate;

4. Single and double-sided galvanized steel sheet. Single-sided and double-sided galvanized steel plate, that is, hot-dip galvanized products with only one side. In welding, spraying, rust prevention, production and processing, it has stronger adaptability than double-sided galvanized sheet.

What are the advantages of galvanized steel sheet?

1. Galvanized coating provides one of the most lasting corrosion protection in the industry. With an average zinc coating of 85 microns, you can protect your steel structure for the better part of a century. This coating thickness also meets the corrosion resistance required for a wide range of applications in today's world.

2. Coatings formed on steel are consistent and specified. All thanks to the relatively tightly controlled galvanizing process. Galvanized steel provides the most reliable protection against corrosion for a number of reasons. First, natural metallurgical reactions make the process reproducible. Unlike paint coating, bonding through galvanization forms part of the steel itself. The resulting galvanized coating provides long-term protection for the steel.

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